Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Christmas

Hello!  This is Sterling again.  Brittany made us all a big feast for Christmas.  We had milk,stuffing,fish n more,salmon, and a stuffing appetizer which I ate before anyone else could.  No one else liked the milk, I am not sure why.....

An intro to my family and I

Hello.  My name is Sterling.  The vet says I am a domestic longhair, but the person I own thinks I have some Maine coon.  She has a blog too!

There is pictures of me and the other 3 cats I live with.  It has poems, stories, videos and more.  They say Timothy has been with them for 8 years.  He is your average cat, a striped shorthair.  He's the big fat one you see there. Frosty the white one is actually fatter then Timothy.  He claims to own Brittany like I do; but I don't know about that.....  he used to be a wild cat before she got him.  He is at least 10 years old.  I am 7 months old. I have owned Brittany for I think 2 and  a half months now.  That  grey one you see there is about 5 years old. He owns Cody who is Brittany's Brother.